Notary public services


We provide notary public and electronic signature services for the witnessing, certification, legalisation and electronic signing of certain documents required for a variety of circumstances. 

Our remote services are fast and efficient because we manage the signature process from start to finish. It’s simple and easy for the signing parties because we guide them through the process.

How we can help

  • Virtual witnessing and notarising of certain types of documents entirely online such as statutory declarations and statements of affairs.
  • Managing the e-Signature of simple contracts such as letters of engagement, terms and conditions, day to day contracts, and sale and purchase orders.
  • Managing the e-Signature of deeds executed on behalf of a company where they are signed by two authorised signatories (Scotland) or two officers of a company (England) so that witnessing the document is not required.

How does virtual witnessing work?

Get in touch

Get in touch by completing the form below and we will call you for a free consultation. We will discuss the type of document needing signed, and its purpose, and explain the process, our terms and conditions and our costs.

Set up

You send us the document with all necessary information including full names and email addressed for the parties signing. We then set up the e-Signature process and issue the electronic document for signing electronically.

ID check & meet online 

Where we are instructed as a Notary Public, the signing party must complete an online identity check by uploading a photo of their passport and a photo of themselves to our secure online portal. We then meet online to witness the e-signature being applied to the document.


Once the document is signed we provide you with a completed electronic document e-signed by all parties and an audit report recording the name, date and time of signing, and the IP address or mobile phone number of the person signing. 

Frequently asked questions

What equipment will I need?

You will need a secure internet connection, a computer, laptop or smart phone with a camera and a microphone.

How long will it take?

We can usually arrange to meet with the signatory online within a few hours of having the information that we need. This is providing that the ID check is completed as soon as it is received.

Is e-signing and remote witnessing/notarising secure?

Privacy and security are very important.

We use Amiqus ID for identity checks where documents are required to be notarised. Amiqus is an easy to use, secure and trustworthy digital ID software which is approved by, and a strategic partner of, the Law Society of Scotland.

We used Adobe Sign for managing the electronic signature process and the e-signatures. Adobe Sign is a simple, easy to use, trustworthy and secure tool for the production of e-signatures which complies with the eIDAS regulations.

We use Zoom to meet with you online. We have carried out considerable research on the security of Zoom and have trialled other video conferencing software. We consider the new security measures implemented by Zoom on paid accounts (which we have) to be more than sufficient to protect privacy and for document security.

Our terms and conditions and privacy policy provide more information.

How much will it cost?

Bespoke fees are provided depending on the number of documents and number of people signing.

Notarising and remote witnessing of one document with one signatory is £150 plus VAT.

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Squaring Circles

PHILOSOPHICAL MEANING – to see equally in four directions – up, down, in and out
METAPHORICAL MEANING – attempting anything that seems impossible

Squaring Circles

PHILOSOPHICAL MEANING – to see equally in four directions – up, down, in and out
METAPHORICAL MEANING – attempting anything that seems impossible