We provide negotiation services to manage or de-escalate conflict, resolve differences and disputes; and for commercial or business negotiations. We combine our legal expertise with specialist training in advanced negotiation and mediation to design and implement negotiation strategies in a broad range of commercial and business contexts.

Negotiation is the most effective way of managing conflict or resolving it. It is not a soft option or a short cut to splitting the difference. A negotiated resolution is always capable of achieving a better outcome; one which could result in a “win” for both parties, or which could never have been granted by a court.

We provide behind the scenes coaching during an ongoing negotiation or to prepare you or your team for a negotiation, mediation or difficult conversation. We provide consultancy services to conduct a negotiation on your behalf or as part of your negotiation team.

How we can help

  • Negotiation of differences and disputes
  • Conflict coaching to prepare for difficult or critical conversations
  • Coaching during an ongoing negotiation or to prepare for a negotiation or mediation 
  • Commercial and business negotiations
  • Developing and implementing negotiation strategies

“Rachael advised on a series of limbs of action, which she was able to use as a lever to negotiate recoveries over and above what we had either expected, or would likely have achieved through a straightforward court process.”

John Blanchflower

Managing Director, Bridge & York Capital Partners

Beware of dancing bears: do disputes differently

Have you heard the one about the dancing bear? “Litigation is like dancing with a bear. You decide when the dance starts. The bear decides when it stops”. The sentiment is not a new one. In the late...

Be More Cat

One of my favourite television adverts was the genius O2 campaign “Be More Dog”. You might remember it follows a day in the life of a cat – “I used to be a cat, aloof till lunch then coldly...

Disputes in the Time of Coronavirus

As handshakes are replaced with head nods and the economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic begins to take hold in the UK, businesses need to be more innovative now than ever before. It is difficult...

When Harry met Meghan: A Royal mess fit for a mediator

Yesterday’s statement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that they will be stepping back from the Royal Family and work, sent shock waves through the media and the nation. It quickly transpired...

A call for collaboration, cooperation and courage

Tomorrow we take to the polls in what has been, latterly, a roller-coaster campaign trail. Only two weeks ago pollsters YouGov predicted a Conservative landslide with a 68 seat majority. Today its...

“Dinnae fash and keep yer heid”: emotion in commercial disputes

I have lost count of the number of times a lawyer sitting across from me, or a client, has told me the dispute is “only about the money”. In the world of commercial disputes, “emotion” is an...

Innovation and a poker-game strategy is always better than a street fight

Hollywood has a great way of glamorising lawyers as hard-bitten and combative – and few lines of dialogue guarantee the same on-screen drama as the classic: “I’ll see you in court!”. Off-screen, in...

Squaring Circles

PHILOSOPHICAL MEANING – to see equally in four directions – up, down, in and out
METAPHORICAL MEANING – attempting anything that seems impossible

Squaring Circles

PHILOSOPHICAL MEANING – to see equally in four directions – up, down, in and out
METAPHORICAL MEANING – attempting anything that seems impossible