Legal consultancy


We provide high quality, client focussed and flexible legal consultancy services tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a business needing an “in-house” lawyer for a specific dispute or portfolio of disputes; or an individual looking to instruct us as your main or sole adviser, we discuss with you how best to engage us to ensure you get the best value for money. Our pricing is based on fixed fees and competitive day and half day rates.

Legal advice with a difference

We take a creative approach to managing differences and resolving disputes. We focus on resolution rather than litigation. We start by asking you what you want to achieve. Our objective is to find a way of getting you the outcome you need. Our approach saves you valuable time, costs and energy. All of which are better utilised to fund your business, win work and live well.

Our purpose and values

Client care and attention is the foundation of our business. We know disputes can be difficult and stressful. We provide support which goes well beyond the technical aspects of the case. We take the time to understand your business and provide perspective without compromising on what is really important to you.

Going the distance

Finding solutions to differences and disputes takes commitment and determination. That holds true whether the process is negotiation, mediation or litigation. We always go the distance to get results.

Our track record

We have over 12 years of experience investigating and negotiating resolutions in a broad range of disputes, gained in two of the UK’s most successful premium law firms. We have acted for clients to investigate, negotiate or resolve at mediation, claims ranging from tens of thousands to multimillion pound claims, in the practice areas listed below.

“Rachael is very skilled at grasping the detail of any commercial case and communicating this in plain English. Her approach makes disputes seem easy.”

Kevin Morton, Senior Relationship Manager

Negligence and professional negligence
      • Complex high value claims against professionals and companies across a broad range of industries including legal, accountancy, tax, property valuation, construction and waste management.
      • Accredited Specialist in Professional Negligence Law by the Law Society of Scotland.
Shareholder, boardroom and partnership disputes
  • Directors, shareholders and partners needing to manage the breakdown of their commercial relationships
  • SMEs, family businesses, law firms and GP practices
  • Negotiation of exit agreements, a recent example being the negotiation of a director shareholder’s exit from a £10 million turnover SME
Director disqualification
  • We have over 7 years of experience advising The Insolvency Service in director disqualification actions and to conduct investigations to recommend whether directors should be pursued for disqualification
  • We represent directors being investigated for disqualification
  • We negotiate disqualification undertakings as an alternative to being served with court papers for disqualification
  • We devise strategies for obtaining leave to continue to act as a director
Director liability
  • Breach of duties, misfeasance, negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations and fraud/dishonesty
  • Experienced in acting for and against directors in professional liability claims
  • Recently investigated and negotiated the resolution of a six figure claim against two directors personally for causing a company to act unlawfully
  • Interpretation and implementation of code rights under the new Electronic Communications Code and the old Telecommunications Code
  • Experience from acting for a major mobile phone operator for 6 years in disputes and negotiations with landowners under the old Telecommunications Code
Property and land
  • Building defects, access disputes, neighbour disputes, lease disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, dilapidations and boundary disputes
  • Act for property owners, developers, landowners, landlords and tenants
  • Represent clients in Lands Tribunal applications, mediation and arbitration
Insolvency disputes
  • Claims by and against insolvency practitioners, lenders and company directors
  • Claims against directors, guarantors and third parties
  • Insolvent liquidations, administrations, MVLs and CVAs

What others say


“Rachael is very skilled at grasping the detail of any commercial case and communicating this in plain English. She is direct and tells you how it is and is extremely patient and organised in her approach in dealing with diverse issues. Her approach makes disputes seem easy.” 

kevin morton, Senior Relationship Manager - Major Financial Institution

“We engaged Rachael in a series of professional negligence claims on behalf of a company in administration. Rachael helped enormously to set tailored strategies for each case. I was impressed with her throughout the project. In the first instance she quickly grasped the technical aspects of each case. She was impressive at mediation and proactive in suggesting routes towards the ultimate goal of settlement. Her client care throughout was first class and helped us to achieve success in all claims.”

james dewar, associate director, KPMG

“We engaged Rachael for advice in extracting the maximum return out of a company financing which failed as it became apparent there had been a succession of acts by directors which both breached the agreement and were unlawful in their own right. Rachael advised on a series of limbs of action in recovery, which she was able to use as a lever to negotiate recoveries over and above what we had either expected, or would likely have achieved through a straightforward court process. The positive outcome was a result of both the negotiation and the investigation and strategy applied.”

John Blanchflower, Managing Partner, Bridge & York Capital Partners

“I came to Rachael for advice after I had been let down by a big City firm. She quickly instilled confidence by her ability to understand not only the legal issues; but the impact of the personalities of the people involved and the tactical issues. It was obvious to me that she took the time to fully consider matters from all angles. As a result of her investigations we discovered information which was vital to the progression of the dispute and which the City firm had missed. The case needed close attention which the City firm simply wasn’t prepared to give. On the contrary, Rachael was always available when I needed to speak to her. When I did receive a proposed fee from the City firm, she reviewed and helped to negotiate a 45% reduction. Rachael has become a close advisor who looks at matters beyond the law.”


“I worked with Rachael on a number of high value claims which achieved very satisfactory outcomes through mediation. She passionately believed then, and now, in earlier recourse to alternative dispute resolution as a means of achieving better net financial outcomes, and in preserving business relationships. She offers technical excellence, clear thinking and a real focus on both case detail and on the optimal outcome for the client.”
Tom Angus


“Rachael advised me during a difficult director shareholder dispute. She was very responsive and supportive throughout the negotiation of my exit package and the sale of my shares, which took a number of months. Her knowledge of the law and the tax, corporate and employment advice I needed, combined with her experience in managing disputes with a focus on resolution, was invaluable. She was able to deal with everything including the instruction of an expert to value the business, and employment and corporate solicitors to advise on the various agreements needed to formalise the heads of terms she had negotiated. Her advice made a difficult situation bearable and I have no hesitation in recommending her to other director shareholders.”


“Rachael represented me in a partnership dispute. She provided a friendly and professional service from our first meeting, where I outlined a complex set of circumstances and the outcome I was trying to achieve. Rachael was able to clearly and concisely get to the heart of the various issues and I was very grateful for her ongoing input and advice. She successfully resolved all issues and negotiated my exit from the partnership in terms which exceeded my expectations.”


“Rachael demonstrated a thoughtful, calm and measured as well as practical approach in formulating and delivering good strategic advice as we look to negotiate a deal.”


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PHILOSOPHICAL MEANING – to see equally in four directions – up, down, in and out
METAPHORICAL MEANING – attempting anything that seems impossible

Squaring Circles

PHILOSOPHICAL MEANING – to see equally in four directions – up, down, in and out
METAPHORICAL MEANING – attempting anything that seems impossible